<<==  CH46 Sea Knight loading wounded

Booty such as ball cartridge, rice ball that Vietcongs use                                                                          ====>>

<<==Boeing Vertol CH-21 Shawnee

US Army Boeing Vertol CH-47 Chinook heavy lift support helicopter. First delivered in 1961, this helicopter could carry 33 troops, or a 5 ton plus payload.                                                                      ====>>

<<==US Marine Corps Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight carrying a sling-load of ammunition to Hill 881 during the seige of Khe Sanh.


                                 Rapid resupply from CH-47 Chinook                              ==>>

CH-54 Tarhe "Sky Crane." Designed with a straddling fuselage and a secondary pilot's station, the Sky Crane was capable of lifting external payloads in excess of 10 tons. The CH-54 also could carried a variety of pods for personnel or special use


A couple of Huey Cobra gunships in flight over the Tui Hoa.9div.


Hughes OH-6A Cayuse "Loach", a Light Observation Helicopter (LOH) first delivered in 1966

Two Huey slicks take off after ground insertion          ==>>

<<==US Marine Corps Sikorsky UH-34s on the deck of an unidentified ship. These helicopters were the early work horse for the Marines in Vietnam, both for land operations and fleet to land service. They were later replaced by the CH-46 Sea Knight. DOD photo.

Huey slicks coming into LZ                                     ==>>
<<==  Extraction via winch


Lone Huey slick                                                                           ==>>

<<== Huey spraying jungle


                UH-34 Helicopter unloading infantry    ==>>
<<== Strike on hamlet from helo



                                                       Pick up at LZ-->>

<<==Huey slick flying just over a mortar emplacement. Transferred from the Byrd Archives


                      Huey door gunner firing into the bush==>>

<<==VNAF helicopter door gunner hoses down some enemy guns in the area of the Tui Hoa.


                    Tank crew watching a tactical airstrike==>>

<<==Provided by Brian Ross


                                       Provided by Brian Ross==>>


<<==M24 Chaffee Light Tank


                                   Brazilian M41 Walker Bulldog ==>>
  <<==M42 "Duster


                                    LVTP-5 Engineers' Vehicle ==>>
<<==A Marines M48, Hue' 1968


                               An M67 Flame-tank in action ==>>
<<==M53 (155mm SP Howitzer) of the US Army, late 1950's

  M55 of the USMC, South Vietnam (source Foss1976==>>

<<==M56 Scorpion in action



                                          M110 SP 8 Inch Howitzer ==>>

<<==M113 APC (source Foss 1976


                     M50 "Ontos" (source Dunstan 1982==>>
<<==Commando APC






C-123 spaying

C-123 spraying Orange. Transferred from the Byrd Archives.


5 Air Planes Spaying

5 planes spraying echelon right. Transferred from the Byrd Archives.


Bomb run

Bomb run, detonation. Transferred from the Byrd Archives.


Burned  Plane

Burned plane. Transferred from the Byrd Archives.



Airbase w/C-130's and beach. Transferred from the Byrd Archives.


Light Observation Plane

Light observation plane, likely a USAF Helio U-10A. Transferred from the Byrd Archives.